We love watches at Weird Ape. A watch is no longer just a tool for telling the time. For us, it's a crucial part of your outfit. It complements your style. It makes you look smart, sophisticated, trendy, fun or however your feeling that day!

Weird Ape was born out of two problems we had when searching for a nice watch. Most of the watches we looked at just were'nt exciting enough. They looked too generic and boring. On the other end of the scale, the ones we found that we did like were far too expensive.

We wanted a watch that stood out. A head turner. But we wanted to pay a reasonable price.

The truth is we could'nt find what we wanted, so we ended up buying an expensive watch. Buyers regret set in, and we wanted to know why we paid so much. Where was all the money spent? So we took the watch apart and began our investigation (carefully, so we could put it back together!).

We priced up the movement in the watch at a tiny fraction of the cost of the sale price. So what are you paying for? Here's the big secret that no one wants you to find out. You're paying all that money for the brand name. That little sticker on the dial is the most expensive part of the watch! Better hope it doesent fall off :)

That was the start of our journey. Since then we've put together a huge range of beautiful, weird and stylish watches that don't break the bank.

We had no idea at the time how popular Weird Ape was going to be.

Each of our watches has it's own personality. It matches to a set of clothes, a certain look, a specific feeling. That's why we have more than one collection, so you can suit any mood you're in. No longer do you have to wear the same expensive watch with every outfit.