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Due to delayed courier services and backlogs over Easter, any order from Thursday 18th April will not arrive until Tuesday 23rd onwards. We apologise for any inconveniece.
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The Finest Mechanical Watch You’ll Ever Wear, For £99

With the help of top British designers we have reinvented the traditional mechanical watch.

By using ergonomic design and innovative manufacturing techniques we can offer a premium timepiece at a price that you won’t find anywhere else.

We’re launching the Ape-X watch on kickstarter this April. Enter your email above to grab a 50% discount. Be one of the lucky few to get your hands on the watch for £99, instead of the retail price of £200.

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Uncompromising Quality Without The Price Tag
No batteries

No More Batteries:

A premium wind-up mechanism that once fully wound will last 36 hours.


Ergonomic Waterproof Design:

Industrial-grade stainless steel that’s stylish, durable and waterproof to 50 metres.

Worldwide free shipping

Free worldwide shipping:

Hand-crafted Italian leather, Surgical stainless steel, and premium silicone straps.

A British Company

Who you buy from can be just as important as what you buy.

Our founder Stefan couldn’t find an affordable mechanical watch so he set out to build his own. Our first watch was a massive success, gaining us over 200000 fans.

A Truly Unique Timepiece

5 years on and our British team has mastered the art of creating beautiful mechanical watches. This year we’re excited to bring you our latest model the Ape-X.


Every watch is assembled by hand and goes through rigorous quality testing. The case is machined out of a single piece of 316l steel giving it superior strength.

Premium Italian leather

We used premium Italian leather to handcraft a comfortable and long lasting strap that feels great on your wrist.

Clever Design Features

We incorporated clever design features like interchangeable straps and a clear glass back so you can admire the craftsmanship of the movement.

Why the name Weird Ape?

A traditional designer name just didn't fit who we are. To create something truly unique, it has to be a little weird.

A work of art

The Ape-X is a reminder of a simpler, less technology obsessed time. When a watch was a work of art, not just a timekeeper. Nothing you can wear makes more of a statement than an interesting looking watch.

Limited Edition

Your watch will be individually numbered as a limited edition so you know it’s rare and unique. By backing this project you’ll become the proud owner of one, or more than one of the most radical timepieces in mechanical watch history.