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The Story Behind Weird Ape

Behind every solution lies a problem.

Ours? Quality mechanical watches are too expensive.

After months of scouring the internet dreaming of buying a beautiful mechanical timepiece, watch enthusiast Stefan realised two things.

  1. There was no good quality Mechanical watches under £200.
  2. If you don’t want to spend thousands of pounds on a quality mechanical watch you will have to go without.

We thought we could change that. We’re Weird Ape. And our mission is to provide an incredible Mechanical watch at a revolutionary price.

Mechanical skeleton watch on the side

This is the very video that inspired Weird Ape. 

The weird ape lives inside all of us.

It’s that feeling. That voice. Breathing down your neck, it pushes you. It prods you. It turns your stomach upside down. That voice of defiance. That voice that wants you to do things differently. To expand. To grow. That is your Weird Ape spirit.

We wanted to create a company that embodied that essence. And During a cold British afternoon, founders Stefan and Callum did just that.

Here’s to the dreamers. The odd-balls. The round pegs in the square holes.

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