Mechanical Watches
To wind the watch correctly, rotate the pin in a clockwise direction (Do not pull out the pin, as this will only change the time and not wind the watch). If you are winding the watch correctly the time should not be changing.

If you hold the watch close to your ear you should be able to hear a faint clicking as you wind the watch. On some of the watches you may also be able to actually see the round coil of spring tightening slowly as you wind the watch.

As you wind the watch the spring becomes tighter and you will start to feel a resistance on the pin. Stop winding the watch when you begin to feel the resistance build up. If you over-wind the watch the cogs on the pin may start to slip, this will feel different and could damage the watch. To wind the watch fully should take roughly about 15-20 full revolutions.

Mechanical watches will need winding again at least once every 24 hours. The more often you wind the watch the more accurate the time will keep.

Kinetic Watches
This watch has a pendulum inside that moves with your movement. The pendulum automatically winds the spring inside the watch providing it with power. If you’re very active, this may be enough movement to power your watch throughout the day. Otherwise you will still need to wind the watch occasionally or shake your wrist for a while to provide charge.

Electric Watches
Check the following to see if they fix the issue:

1) If the watch has a winder to change time, check that this is fully pressed in. Sometimes there is a small piece of plastic obstructing this which needs to be removed.

2) Remove the back from the watch and check that the battery is in place correctly. Sometimes there can be a thin film of plastic preventing the battery making contact which needs removing.

3) Its possible the battery could be dead. Try replacing the battery.


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