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Vintage Watches

This collection contains our vintage style watches. The skeleton watches show off the complex movements that power the watch and keep time. A mechanical watch not only looks good, but will never need batteries. Weird Ape sells the best selection of mechanical watches and at prices that will make your jaw drop!

Minimalist Watches

Less is more with these minimalist watches. Let’s keep the time simple and stylish. Classic watches don’t need to over complicate things. With minimal watches trending in the fashion scene, these simple watches are definitely one to add to your collection.

Ludicrous Watches

Weird Ape is all about weird watches. We take pride in producing some of the most unusual watches on the planet. If you’re craving for something different, you will find some of the coolest watches you’ve ever seen in this unique watch collection.

Retro Watches

The Retro Watch collection is full of 80's inspired futuristic watches. Our collection of cool digital watches really push the frontier of watch design. Weird Ape is famed for bringing back retro watches with a twist. You will find some of the best digital watches for men in our collection.

Triple Watch Box.