All Weird Ape watches come with a 2 year guarantee that covers all defects that are due to faulty components or workmanship.

The guarantee does not cover the glass or leather straps, nor any damage that may occur to the watch as part of normal wear and tear, accidents and general poor care. This includes water damage where a crown has not been secured properly as per the watch instructions.

Where defects are confirmed on a watch within the two year guarantee period, Weird Ape will choose to repair or replace the watch free of charge.

To extend your guarantee indefinitely over 2 years you must return your watch to our Weird Ape service centre at least once every 2 years for a chargeable service to the movement.

Although this service is chargeable it will contribute to the longevity of your Weird Ape watch through the cleaning, lubrication and replacement of worn parts.

Should your watch require a service, please contact the Weird Ape Service Centre at