What is Weird Ape? What exactly is so weird about it?

Weird Ape travels the world, sourcing weird and wonderful watches and selling them on to his satisfied customers at mind-bogglingly reasonable prices. Hey, he’s a reasonable guy. But how did this stylish simian end up here? The legend goes that when he was just a baby in deepest, darkest Congo an explorer happened upon his troop. Where others may have fled, the intrepid traveller wasn’t afraid of the great apes.

The explorer stuck around and spent time bonding with this band of great apes, and became especially close with our young hero. Perhaps he saw that there was something different about this little ape; a glint in his eye that set him apart from the other primates. Eventually though, the explorer had to move on, however, he did leave one thing behind as a precious gift to our Weird Ape… His watch. And what a watch it was - a shining chrome face upon a fine real leather strap.

Although he couldn’t even tell the time, Weird Ape would sit for hours admiring the craftsmanship and watching the cogs of the visible mechanism whirr as they spun life into the delicate hands. This only made him more of an outsider. After years of being an outcast, Weird Ape decided to leave the jungle and track down his only friend the explorer, armed only with a few bananas and a stylish man’s watch.

As the fabled timepiece was the only clue the Weird Ape had to go off, he decided to start looking in places that made unique and stylish watches. His journey took him far and wide and as his search for the explorer grew, so did his watch collection. No matter how many items he added to his collection though, he got no closer to finding his old friend.

So he decided to set up this website and sell his collection of eye catching watches knowing that one day the explorer would be enticed by the sheer range of beautiful time pieces on offer. His hope is that when the explorer eventually puts his name into the order form, Weird Ape will recognise it immediately and be able to hand deliver the original watch to him and be reunited with his pal.

That’s why Weird Ape watches are so cheap. Unlike other watch retailers, Weird Ape isn’t fussed about charging his customers extortionate prices. He just wants to find his old friend. And if he can spread his love of watches to others while he’s at it, well that’s a bonus.